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Payment from other countries than Sweden
For payment from abroad you need to pay through IBAN/SWIFT which is the banks way of safe transactions. Below you'll find all the info you need in order to make a payment:

To: Bonneville, Jesper Ek
Beneficiary's bank name: Handelsbanken, Lund City, SE-22100 LUND SWEDEN
BIC/Swiftadress: HANDSESS
In favour of: Bonneville, Måsvägen 1, 22733 Lund , SE8760000000000736580212 (Beneficiary's name, address, and
IBAN Number)

Transaction cost must be: SHARED

IBAN Elektronic format: SE8760000000000736580212
IBAN Paper format: SE87 6000 0000 0007 3658 0212


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